SOPC is a public git server, which was created to host open-source projects of soft-core FPGA processors such as Nios II. These projects include GNU cross development toolchains, the uClinux ports and development boards projects.

This server is located at the Embedded System Lab., Electronic Engineering Department, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology . The server is maintained by Mon-Chau Shie, who is an assistant professor of the Electronic Dept., NTUST. Best thank for his kindly support.

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Project Description Owner Last Change
boards.git dev board projects Thomas Chou 2 years ago
linux-2.6.git Linux kernel Atle Nissestad 27 hours ago
openip.git Open IP cores Thomas Chou 3 years ago
toolchain-build.git Toolchain build-system Atle Nissestad 3 years ago
toolchain-mmu.git nios2 mmu toolchain binary Thomas Chou 4 years ago
tools.git tools Walter Goossens 2 weeks ago